About golf fitting process.

At Antony Morgan Golf, it is my ultimate goal to get you properly fitted into your new or excisting golf clubs. The driving range of golfcourse “the Hooge Rotterdamsche” is right at my doorstep which will give you the advantage of hitting golf balls in an outdoor hitting environment. You will get the confidence of seeing excatly where the balls are going instead of using an indoor simulator. Flight scope and Tomi putting system technology are also available at Antony Morgan Golf.

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What to bring to your fitting session

When you come for any fitting at Antony Morgan Golf be sure to bring all your golf clubs, golf shoes and glove. Wear clothes that you normally wear on the golf course and be prepared to have a good time!


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Workshop @ Golfbaan de Hooge Rotterdamsche
Rottebandreef 40
2661 JK Bergschenhoek